Press release November 16, 2016.

Left right direction confusion solved.

Do YOU struggle to tell your left from your right?

You’re far from alone, says academic Gerard Gormley,  Academic General Practitioner at Queen’s University

You’re taking a driving lesson and the instructor asks you to take a left turn and you pause, struggling to think of which way is left.

If so, you’re not on your own – a significant proportion of our population has difficulty in telling right from left.

  • A University of Washington study found 71 of 364 (19.5%) college professors and 311 of 1185 (26.2%) college students sometimes had difficulty when they had to quickly identify right from left.
  • Visual cues have been shown to significantly reduce left right  uncertainty.
  • Most commonly occurs during times of stress.
  • See how well you do,  take the test here.

The Other Left, a Queensland startup has come up with a novel world first solution to what can often be a dangerous problem for drivers and their navigators.

And it’s so simple… two stickers strategically placed on a car’s front windscreen.

Co-founder Rob Harding of The Other Left and full time rideshare driver came up with the idea as a means of reducing the possibility of getting killed on the road while taking directions from directionally challenged passengers.

The Other Left is poised to be rolled out worldwide and is ready to provide visual cues for drivers and navigators in many of the world’s languages. Subject to the completion of a successful kickstarter campaign launched last saturday.

Contact for more details

Rob Harding


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theotherleft.org/

Take the test https://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/java/hands1.html

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