The Other Left Story

Vinyl L and R direction cue decals for your windscreen

“The other left” – Sarcastic phrase; used with the directionally challenged to make them aware of their error.

Driver: “Left or right?”,
Directionally Challenged Person: “Left”
Driver, indicates and starts turning left.
Directionally Challenged Person:”No, the other left.”[meaning right!]

20% of the worlds population has trouble getting their left and right hand sorted while driving or giving direction. Our mission is to help solve that.

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Every time a driver looks at their fingers to determine their left side….. They take their eyes off the road. 2 seconds is all it takes to have an accident.

How many times have you asked someone to turn right and they have started heading left?

There are many situations where a visual cue such as the left and right stickers placed on the edges of a car’s front windscreen will help reduce or even eliminate the stress of getting the left – right decision wrong.

Helping learner drivers, tired or easily flustered, the elderly, and easily distracted drivers and navigators to function in a much safer manner.

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